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Vitamins and Nutraceuticals

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Is it frustrating to decide what vitamin or natural remedy to purchase? There are great choices and not so great choices; which is which? Sorting it all out can keep us stuck! Below are some companies I’ve worked with extensively and trust. They meet the criteria for quality, integrity, and efficacy that I want for myself, my family, and my clients.

Check these out or give me a call to discuss your needs. Balanced Health offers you a discount when you order through these links.

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This is a great resource if you want to use a variety of brands for your needs. Emerson Ecologies has medical grade products not available at your local pharmacy and health food store; all in one place.

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Plant Medicine

Plants were our first medicines. Getting back to our roots includes reconnecting with nature and her abundant resources. Finding essential oils and plant-based products that are pure, ethically sourced, and sustainable isn’t the easiest deep dive. DoTerra is one of the companies I’ve grown to rely on for these qualities. Grow your plant medicine chest and eliminate harsh household products and medicines from your home.

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