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Rachel Donovan, CNM, MSN

My Journey

Since childhood I’ve been drawn to nurturing, healing and the powers within. I come from a long line of helper healers - nurses, clinicians, and teachers - so off I went to study nursing and then midwifery. Along the way, I started a family, built a career, and made my way through many transitions. Some flowed more easily than others; I learned and grew from them all.

As time went on, my appreciation for the powerful connection between the body and the mind prompted me to explore and study energy medicine, cranial sacral therapy and spiritual counseling.

Throughout the years I’ve had the honor of working with individuals in transition. In birthing babies and birthing new ways of being in the world, both physically and spiritually; through health visits and health crisis; through calm waters and emotional upheaval; offering the art of listening, exploring, guiding and providing hands on healing.

Life is transition; we can fight it or we can grow into our next chapter. We can ask for a helping hand or swim against the overwhelming current. It is a great joy to support individuals in their personal transitions, assisting each to seek out their inner strength and guidance. The knowledge I gained and a lifetime of experiences are present when I sit with you. I will meet you where you are and support you on your journey. Choosing the modalities we will use requires deep listening and intuiting your higher guidance.

Is there a desire within you for change and transition that is calling to be explored?

  • Simple nutrition and health guidance?
  • Owning your career or relationship desires?
  • Letting go of what holds you back?

It’s all possible and in your hands!

Let's Talk About Your Healing Journey